Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chikni Chameli yaa Shreya ...?!

I just could not believe that Chikni chameli has been sung by Shreya. First of all, a fantastic catchy composition by none other than Ajay-Atul, video is outright vulgar though. ;). The attitude required while singing such a song is absolutely not easy and thus, while guessing the singer, Shreya's name never came to my mind. Just was thinking and thinking and thinking, who this singer is! And, mom said, didn't you read, who has sung the song! To my biggest surprise, it was Shreya! I googled and re-confirmed. The kind of voice quality Shreya has, her expertise predominantly lies in romantic, sensitive numbers or few selective peppy numbers, was my belief. But no, Shreya proved me totally wrong, when I got to hear Chickney chameli.

Off course, there have been songs like Yeh ishq haaye(JWM) or Barso se(Guru) in which Shreya has indeed surprised me. But this one was a big O! Personally for me, it's Shreya, who has made the song special and popular and not Katrina.. :). Kombdi palali is the marathi and original version of this song, but somehow i never liked it, not to even an extent that I am selectively playing it from my playlist, nor is it in my playlist, in fact. But Chikni chameli, loved it totally!